Julia Fierro’s New Novel, Santa Monica, and New Pen Name, Shared With Caeli Wolfson Widger

Lifted from Julia’s newsletter:

  • My new novel, SANTA MONICA, goes on sale on October 6th! 
     Santa Monica is a collaboration with my literary BFF, Caeli Wolfson Widger, under our shared pen name, Cassidy Lucas. When movie-star-handsome fitness coach Zack Doheny is found dead on the floor of his gym, it quickly becomes clear that things in the coastal paradise are not as glittering as they seem.  As the sun-kissed, wealthy residents of Santa Monica begin to crack under the stress of their dark secrets, one question hangs above it all: what really happened to Zack Doheny? 
    Reviewers say Santa Monica is “perfect for fans of Big Little Lies,” “propulsively readable,” and “a perfect escape, and four out of six reviewers (including my mom) call the novel “juicy.”

    Read an excerpt here.

    Pre-sales are immensely helpful to a book’s life.  All three of usme, Caeli, and even Cassidywill be very grateful if you pre-order a copy.

    Option 1:
    Pre-order a copy by clicking one of the links below (or order at any store online):
    Option 2: 
    Pre-order at your local independent bookstorean extra bonus because the book will then be stocked on their shelves, and independent bookstores really need extra support right now.

    Option 3:
    Signed & personalized copies can be pre-ordered at my local indie, Diesel, and you can request to have your book dedicated to a special book-loving someone.

    October 6th 6:30pm PST
    hosted by DIESEL
    The event is free on Crowdcast and you’ll get to hear about how fun, crazy, illuminating, exhausting, and ultimately, amazing, it is to write and publish a novel with your best friend.

    Sending you healthy vibes & oodles of gratitude,
    Julia (1/2 of Cassidy Lucas)

    Santa Monica-glam photo by Rubidium WuIf
    If you have read Santa Monica and have something nice to say about, it would be fantastic if you could leave a review on GoodReads or Amazon.

     “Part riveting mystery, part incisive domestic drama, Santa Monica is a sharp look at the lives of the pretending-to-be-perfect in gorgeous seaside California, expertly walking the line between satire, suspense and biting social commentary.”
    –Kimberly McCreight, NYT-bestselling author of Reconstructing Amelia and A Good Marriage

    “While delivering a propulsively readable escapist tale, Lucas vividly, humorously, and poignantly captures the stark contrasts between the haves, the have-nots, and those teetering on the edge; between faith in a higher power and the secular religion of fitness; between the selfish and the unselfish; and between those awash in vanities and those living in constant fear.” —Booklist

    “A vibrant cast faces a broad range of California problems—marriage and money troubles, poor body image for the haves, deportation for the have nots.”
    –Steph Cha, author of Your House Will Pay

    “Oh, how this smart, juicy thriller—Cassidy Lucas’ salacious Santa Monica—sucked me in. A perfect escape.”
    –Marcy Dermansky, author of Very Nice

    A  deft page turner and a topical mystery that’s fully three dimensional in every way, Santa Monica is a juicy yet profound thriller that seamlessly glides between the sun-kissed beaches and the long shadows of Southern California”.
    –Ivy Pochoda, author of These Women

    Santa Monica is a deep dive into the extremes of human desire and a page-turning exploration of class, love, friendship, and marriage.”
    –Elizabeth L. Silver, author of The Execution of Noa P. Singleton

    Santa Monica is one juicy read! Cassidy Lucas brings a rarified beach town to life with verve and tenderness, and she isn’t afraid to show its dark side. Compelling, sassy, and warmhearted, this book is a thrill.”
    –Edan Lepucki, author of NYT-bestselling California

    “Lucas (the pen name of Julia Fierro and Caeli Wolfson Widger) succeeds in satirizing the gilded enclave of Santa Monica while also tugging at readers’ heartstrings.”
    Publisher’s Weekly

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    Listen to an excerpt of the AUDIOBOOK narrated by award-winning actress Alma Cuervo
    Preorder the audiobook here
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    Julia & Caeli, Winter 2003, Brooklyn || photo by Kris Widger

    – Caeli and I met in 2003 in my Brooklyn brownstone kitchen when she answered an ad I placed on Craigslist for writing workshops, making her one of the very first Sackett Street writers (today there are more than 8,000)
    – In 2014, my family moved from Brooklyn to Santa Monica, in part to be near Caeli and her family
    – In 2017, in a yellow cab somewhere in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, during the book tour for my novel The Gypsy Moth Summer, Caeli said, “Wouldn’t it be fun to write a thriller together?” I said, “Sure!”
    – It was fun… and crazy and comforting and exhausting and incredibly illuminating, and, ultimately, the greatest lesson in writing I’ve ever experienced, even after twenty years of teaching novel-writing
    – Our agents and editor (and even our husbands) cannot tell which chapter was written by which half of Cassidy Lucas so complete was our mindmeld. 
    – Santa Monica was the last book my mom read. I read excerpts to her by her bedside in the last weeks of her life (she passed in June), and she agrees. “It is juicy! Very sexy!” Which is the best blurb any of my books have received. 
    – Caeli means heaven in Latin and is pronounced chay-lee

    Copyright © 2020 Julia Fierro, All rights reserved.

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