“Manchester”American Chordata, Summer 2016

“Max & Julia” – OVERFLOW, Summer 2010 (Winner of Sackett Street Writers’ Workshop Fiction Contest)

“One Year After the Death of Leonardo” – Monkeybicycle 6, Spring 2009 (podcast reading here)

Three Thirds – Infinity Publishing, 2002


“There is a ghost”Let’s begin again, A Wingless Dreamer Publisher anthology, February 2022

“Preservation” –, August 13, 2019

“Umbrella” and “Unmarried”Genre: Urban Arts, Issue 7, Spring 2019

“Otherness”The Bookends Review, September 2018

“Fall Insects”Apeiron Review, Spring 2018

“Growing”Pamplemousse, Winter 2016

“Mountains”Ginosko Literary Journal, Issue 13, 2013

“Center of the Universe”On Earth As It Is, 2011

“6 Thoughts on Love” – Poets/Artists, Spring 2011 (reading here)

“Talk” – Dialogue, Spring 1989

“That Place Called Saxonville” –  Middlesex News, December 24, 1988


Marshall Winchester’s Big Stand (co-writer with Kevin Hall, 2008)


“Finding the Right Therapist,” Braven Health – Healthy Directions, October 2022

“Beloved Grandparents in Pop Culture,” Braven Health – Healthy Directions, September 2022

“What Are Cataracts?” Braven Health – Healthy Directions, September 2022

“Coping With Anxiety,” Braven Health – Healthy Directions, August 2022

“Fun Facts About Seniors,” Braven Health – Healthy Directions, July 2022

“Warm-Weather Safety Tips,” Braven Health – Healthy Directions, July 2022

“Traveling on a Budget,” Braven Health – Healthy Directions, June 2022

“Using Zoom for a Braven Health Virtual Meeting,” Braven Health – Healthy Directions, June 2022

“Eating Well on a Budget,” Braven Health – Healthy Directions, June 2022

“DT January Cover Star Alicia Graf Mack Featured on NY1 Offering Classes Via Instagram,”, March 20, 2020

“NYC Teacher/Choreographer Hee Ra Yoo Aims to Break Barriers,”, May 16, 2019

DT Notes: This Year’s Big Apple Tap Fest Honored Professor Robert L. Reed,”, February 1, 2016

“Savion Glover’s OM Opens This Week at The Joyce Theater,”, June 25, 2014

Dancing in Jaffa Opens Today,”, April 11, 2014

“Dancing Through Life,” Dance Teacher, February 2014 (print only)

“ATDF’s Tap City Awards,”, July 10, 2013

“Go See Savion Glover’s STePz at The Joyce Theater,”, June 20, 2013

“Readers Report Back From… Misery Loves Company,” The Rumpus, May 2013

“Readers Report Back From… Friends With Benefits,” The Rumpus, April 2012

“Seasonal Patrons: Joe Sullivan on Matthew Guenette’s American Busboy,” Gently Read Literature, Feb. 2012

“Joe Sullivan on 30 Under 30: An Anthology of Innovative Fiction by Young Writers,” Gently Read Literature, Feb. 2012

“Buying Cheap Vs. Safety,”, January 19, 2011

“Top 10 Cloudiest Cities in the U.S.,”, January 17, 2011

“Life’s Events as They Are: Joe Sullivan on Philip Sterling,” Gently Read Literature, Dec. 2011

“Depressing & Gorgeous: Joe Sullivan on Daniel Tobin’s Belated Heavens,” Gently Read Literature, May 2011

“Flo-Bert Goes Broadway,” Dance Teacher, May 2011

“Endlessly Rewarding: Joe Sullivan on Shya Scanlon’s In This Alone Impulse,” Gently Read Literature, March 2011

“Music for Class: Creative Grooves,” Dance Teacher, September 2010

“DT Notes: July 2010 News,” Dance Teacher, July 2010

“DT Notes: June 2010 News,” Dance Teacher, June 2010

“DT Notes: April 2010 News,” Dance Teacher, April 2010

“Briansky Ballet Center Relocates,” Dance Teacher, April 2010

“Barbara Morgan Photo Archive Comes to UMass Amherst,” Dance Teacher, March 2010

“Heavy Trash: Straight-Up Ass Kickin’ Rocakabilly,” The L Magazine, April 12, 2005

“Drowsy: Suicide, Hockey, Vodka and Indie Rock,” The L Magazine, May 25, 2005

“Using IT to Link Indigenous Peoples,” CIO, April 2002

“Good Idea, Bad Timing: A Look at 5 Products That Could’ve Been Great,” with Derek Slater, CIO, August 2001

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