New Cool Web Zine: NO RECESS!


Brought to you by the former editors of Crawdaddy!, here’s the launch of NO RECESS!. From the editor, Jocelyn Hoppa:

You are looking at the first pages of NO RECESS! Magazine.

We will feature neither mindless gossip, clickbait listicles, nor endless briefs on the near-constant churn of typical industry news bits. We are here to write intelligently about music and culture, and we learned these values from the very best…

…As for the music and culture coverage, you can expect long-form journalism on a wide-range of music and ideals we think you should know more about. Subjective, objective and laced with personal experience. That’s the simple explanation.

We’ll keep a toe in the crowded pool of the present-day, but we’re also here to write about the stuff we care about. Each writer and editor here cares about different stuff from different genres and eras, and we’ve built a collective based on that very fact. We will, forever until doom, egg on the notion that a music magazine should be, by turns and varying degrees, both bizarre and unpredictable. That’s the best explanation…


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