“The Coltrane Home in Dix Hills” in The Paris Review


Read this piece about the Long Island house where John Coltrane (who would’ve been 89 yesterday) composed A Love Supreme and lived with his family ’til his death in 1967. The house is being turned into a museum, hopefully set to open in 2017.

…Steve Fulgoni, a local business owner in Dix Hills who is also a voracious jazz fan, broke his way into the house to take a look around. Knowledge of the Coltranes having lived in the area had spread among devotees, but the address wasn’t known, in part because of a misleading mention in a biography. When Fulgoni tracked down an old delivery boy who remembered the jazz legends as neighbors, he found the house as it had been described, simple and unassuming behind a rusting iron gate. To his shock, it was abandoned—an incongruous suburban ruin.

He started petitioning the town of Dix Hills to save the historic home at once…

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