Nick Flynn at BookCourt Last Night, at MFA in Boston Tonight


I got a chance to catch Nick Flynn last night at BookCourt. He was reading from his new book, My Feelings, which has some poems that, from listening to a few, will knock you out. I had never seen him read before, and I was struck by how unpretentious it was for a poetry reading. He had an opener, Sarah Lipstate’s musical project Noveller, an atmospheric guitarist, incorporating loops, lots of pedal effects and playing with a bow. He said he had been meditating to her music for the past five years. Having her perform was a cool way to get the crowd into the head space to properly receive his poems. I hear he’s taking his act to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston tonight (along with a couple of other poets), and I would highly recommend seeing him (and Noveller) if you’re in the area.

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