Project: June 12th A DAY FOR LOVING—This Thursday in Union Square

Check out the Tumblr here.

A performance by Jean Rim & Special Friend to celebrate and bring awareness to Interracial Marriage Day. And touch upon, “Why the government is in our bedroom?” The performance will be held on JUNE 12, 2014 at Union Square, NYC from the hours of 4-8pm. The artist is in an interracial relationship and wanted to do an art piece to remember a brave couple Richard and Mildred Loving. They faced: discrimination, separation from their families, sentenced to move to another city and state or face jail time and emotional hardship. On June 12, 1967 they beat all the odds with the help of the ACLU, The Lovings vs. Virginia, the Lovings WON! Anti-miscegenation laws were made illegal in all of America and because of this amendment today anyone can marry anyone regardless of race. Currently this case is being used to defend same sex marriages.

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