Susan Kirschbaum’s Diary of a Rogue Writer at Electric Lit

Susan Kirschbaum’s telling her story about self-publishing her novel Who Town. Part 1 is up today at Electric Literature. After checking it out, I think it’s a must-read for anyone looking to publish a novel today. The former editor of Grove Atlantic tells her to self-publish. I think that’s pretty telling as to the state of book publishing. I’m very interested to read Part 2 about distributing the novel, because that seems to be where a big publishing house can really help with PR and marketing. Without that, what do you do?

2 thoughts on “Susan Kirschbaum’s Diary of a Rogue Writer at Electric Lit

  1. itsthattimeagain

    Hi Joe. Susan Kirschbaum here. Diary of A Rogue Writer Part II should run this week on Electric Literature. I don’t want to give anything away until it does, but I do think authors should weigh in about their experiences with distribution. I’m learning as I go along. It’s truly the Wild West out there! I will email you at the address on “about” page.

    Also, I noticed you copy edit Dance Teacher and Dance magazines? I’m a former ballet trainee. I still take class in NYC. Let’s say movement feeds the mind. That’s my idea anyway.


  2. jtsullivan Post author

    Hi Susan, it’s great to hear from you. Totally agree. Even if it’s just taking a walk for half an hour. It makes a big difference. I’m not a dancer, but I’ve grown to appreciate it more working on these magazines. Even just watching it seems to be freeing.

    Definitely e-mail me the link. I’m looking forward to reading more about your experience and I’ve been checking Electric Lit. I went the self-publishing route, then went into meetings with agents, and now I’m considering self-publishing again.



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