George Harrison: Living in the Material World

I finished part 2 of George Harrison: Living in the Material World last night. What can you say about it? The documentary was all over the place after The Beatles phase of George’s life, because George had so many different interests. There was racing with Jackie Stewart, movie producing with the guys from Python, The Traveling Wilburys and lots of Indian music. Also, quite a bit of gardening and trips to tropical places like Fiji. The 1999 attack that almost killed him. The death of John Lennon. George as a solo artist losing his voice on tour in the ’70s. Clapton taking Harrison’s wife. Olivia and Dhani. I can’t really say any of it was my “favorite” or was a particular highlight. It was all one big highlight. This guy LIVED. The only thing I wish I could’ve seen was Bob Dylan talking about George. But we get home movie footage inside and outside the studio of the Wilburys, and interviews with Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne, so there you have it.

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