Sackett Street Reading, 4/2, at BookCourt

From their FB page:

It’s our 10th birthday! And we’ll celebrate Monday, April 2nd 7pm at @BookCourt at the next Sackett Writers’ Reading. Readers include instructors Adam Wilson, Abby Sher, Jenny Zhang & Joseph Bernardo (one of the very first Sackett writers in THE very first Sackett class). Join us for cupcakes, wine, tote bags, great words.

2 thoughts on “Sackett Street Reading, 4/2, at BookCourt

  1. Julia

    Hi Joe (aka Overflow Magazine’s Sackett writers contest winner),
    We’d love to have you read for us at one of the Sackett readings this fall!
    Hope to see on April 2nd.



  2. jtsullivan Post author

    Hi Julia, thanks for the comment. I’m planning on it – really looking forward to the reading on the 2nd. I’ll send you a note about the fall, too.



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