Rolling Stone’s Guitar God List

Here’s their top 100 greatest guitarists of all time. No surprise Jimi Hendrix is number 1. What is more surprising is how far down on the list Robert Johnson (71) and Carl Perkins (88) are. Only two women made it, Joni Mitchell (75) and Bonnie Raitt (89). Joan Jett comes to mind, and so does Nancy Wilson of Heart (“Barracuda” anyone?). Another surprise is Keith Richards at number 4. He might not have even been the best guitarist in his own band in its heyday (Mick Taylor gets my vote). My personal beef is Dick Dale at 74—I’ve seen him live, and he is no joke, at least top-50. Also, Elmore James at 30? C’mon. He’s top-20, at least. I don’t know that George Harrison should be as high as he is (11) (one spot higher than Stevie Ray, huh?) but I love him. Same goes for Neil Young at 17.

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