Rick Moody in The Rumpus on The New Yorker John Lurie Profile

If you’re a fan of John Lurie and the Lounge Lizards, read this. It’s Rick Moody’s take in The Rumpus on The New Yorker‘s article about Lurie from last year. I read that article, though I rarely read The New Yorker (mainly ‘cuz there are no big glossy photos and way too many words, as one commenter reminded us at the end of Moody’s piece). It struck me at the time as the story of Lurie going through hard times. Moody sheds new light on it and makes it clear that The New Yorker writer didn’t exactly get it right.

On a side note, the article drove me to Lurie’s site, and in turn introduced me to music from a guy named Marvin Pontiac, who died in 1977 after getting hit by a bus. He’s weird and absurd, and I like him quite a bit. You should check him out.

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