I realize I’m late to this party, but today I’ve become convinced that everything that can—books, magazines, music, newspapers, etc.—will move online in entirety sometime in the very near future. I don’t know what’s convinced me. I had been holding onto the old “people will never give up being able to hold paper publications.” Maybe the declining amount of advertising at the magazines I work for. Maybe the cost of music or putting out a book. Maybe the environmental factors, cutting down trees, saving space in your home and in the community in the face of ballooning populations, convenience, being able to take it with you more easily, etc. But I’ve become convinced, and I’m prepared to fully embrace the new online reality. At the same time, I feel strangely attracted to the idea of getting a record player and some vinyl, though it had never struck me as a thing to do before. Someday it will be an antique, a relic, I guess, like the typewriter I own. Anyway, it’s $200 to put my book into e-book format, and I’m going for it.

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