The Lit Pub Has Launched

Molly Gaudry and Christopher Newgent’s goal of creating a publicity hub for the indie lit scene is now reality.

From their site (which looks amazing):

“Our mission is to promote a sustainable literary community by introducing readers to authors we know and love. By providing a public gathering place for ongoing conversations, we aim to connect readers, authors, publishers, and other independent artists of all creative disciplines.”


“Our future assumes one word: community. Our publishers have access to typographers, graphic designers, visual artists, actors and sound editors for all areas of print, E-book, and audio book production—not to mention filmmakers, composers, musicians, and bands to create book trailers, short films, and documentaries. There are a lot of creative people with the desire and the ability to contribute to the independent literary community, and The Lit Pub wishes to be their entry point. By encouraging collaboration between the arts, we remain true to our mission of promoting a vibrant and engaging literary community.”

3 thoughts on “The Lit Pub Has Launched

    1. jtsullivan Post author

      I’m really excited to see what you guys do. And hopefully I’ll get to work with you at some point, if I get a book out there. I’ll be following your monthly book selections closely.



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