Monkeybicycle Lightning Round Returns

The Monkeybicycle Lightning Round! Reading Series

This new quarterly reading series fuses quick, high energy readings with a broad range of voices–both established and emerging–into a seamless hour of literary brilliance. Each event will feature 20 readers, each of whom will read no longer than three minutes before introducing the next reader. No interruption from the host means a continuous listening experience. No guidelines other than length means maximum variety of form and content. Monkeybicycle’s Lightning Round!Reading Series: a cure for the common reading.

Round Two.

MARCH 16TH, 7pm, The Cake Shop, New York City

We’re happy to say that this edition of the Lightning Round will also double as a release party for our eighth print issue, which will be available shortly.

Featuring: Paula Bomer, Vince Czyz, Scott Geiger, Jeff Grunthaner, Michael Hickins, Suzanne Marie Hopcroft, Blake Kimzey, Lincoln Michel, David Moscovich, Dustin Luke Nelson, Steve Peacock, Edwin Rivera, Kathleen A. Ryan, Andrew James Weatherhead, and Katie Wudel, plus others.

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