What People Are Reading: Subway Survey

This morning, it seemed like everywhere I looked on the subway, someone was reading Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom. One of these people even followed me into my building and rode the elevator with me. Over the summer, I would’ve said everyone I rode with was reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, but there’s been a shift, I’d say. As an aside, I watched the movie version from Sweden last week. Fantastic action movie/thriller with a plot. I don’t see how Hollywood could make a better version, really.

2 thoughts on “What People Are Reading: Subway Survey

  1. MLA

    I really liked the Franzen book, which kind of surprised me because I didn’t really like “The Corrections.” (Though I did like “Strong Motion,” his previous book.) I read it probably about the same time you wrote this post (I’m down with the New-York-subway-riding zeitgeist, apparently — interesting, since I’m living in flyover land) and I’m still thinking about it, which is not the case with all novels I read — some of them vanish from my brain practically before I finish reading them.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and blogrolling me, though I must say I don’t feel nearly hip and literary enough for the company I’m keeping. 🙂


  2. jtsullivan Post author

    Well, I really enjoy your blog. I think it’s extremely hip and literary, and reading it, getting back to haiku, usually puts me in a good place. It doesn’t matter where you are.



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