Reminder: Monkeybicyle’s Lightning Round Tomorrow at KGB Bar

This new quarterly reading series fuses quick, high-energy readings with a broad range of voices—both established and emerging—into a seamless hour of literary brilliance. Each event will feature 20 readers, each of whom will read no longer than three minutes before introducing the next reader. No interruption from the host means a continuous listening experience. No guidelines other than length means maximum variety of form and content. Monkeybicycle’s Lightning Round! Reading Series: a cure for the common reading.

Round One.

October 22, 7pm, KGB Bar, New York City

Featuring: Paula Bomer, Sarah Bridjins, Jason Brooks, Ben Cake, Laura Carney, William Clifford, Jim Freed, Scott Geiger, Greg Gerke, Eirik Gumeny, Chris Heavener, Krystal Languell, Michael Leong, John Madera, Peter Richter, Joe Sullivan, Robert Swartwood, Mike Topp, Timmy Waldron, Mike Wood, and John Woods.

3 thoughts on “Reminder: Monkeybicyle’s Lightning Round Tomorrow at KGB Bar

    1. jtsullivan Post author

      Thanks, Kathleen! I’m really glad you enjoyed it. It was untested, and I wasn’t sure how it would go over. Glad you enjoyed the event, too. I see that you have a story in Robert Smartwood’s anthology. I’ll have to check it out.


  1. Kathleen A. Ryan

    It is such a valuable opportunity to read in front of an audience, especially one filled with fellow writers, isn’t it?

    I’m thrilled to have a story in the Hint Fiction antho ~ it’s called, “Playing with Matches.” It is based on a scene I responded to as a police officer in 1996 ~ and it’s haunted me ever since. I find Hint Fiction to be a tremendous writing challenge and exercise. I am so grateful to have this opportunity. I can’t believe that I also have a story in “DIscount Noir,” a crime fiction e-book that was just published two days ago by Untreed Reads. In both anthologies, I am surrounded by such incredibly talented writers.



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