Monkeybicycle 7 Is Here

Just got the word in that Monkeybicycle 7 is now available to readers everywhere. Here’s the lineup of writers: Elizabeth Alexander, Angi Becker Stevens, Ryan Boudinot, Rita Dahl, Craig Davis, Andrew Ervin, Molly Gaudry, Roxane Gay, Aaron Gilbreath, Reed Hearne, James Kaelan, Corey Mesler, Weam Namou, Daniel Romo, Ken Saji, Shya Scanlon, Tyler Stoddard Smith, Rebecca van Laer, Yassen Vassilev, Edwin Wilson Rivera, and Michael Wood.

Also, check out this blog for an upcoming review of the issue. (It should be posted any day, now.)

As an aside, I’ve also just learned that Shya Scanlon, who helped found Monkeybicycle, has signed on to edit it again. This is great news!

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