Monkeybicycle 6 Reviewed on 12 frogs

They keep coming. We’ve got another excellent review of Monkeybicycle 6 on Jenny Spadafora’s blog 12 frogs. Here’s a large glimpse:

“It seems sensationalist to mention sex, twins, and midgets… but I just did. Yes, they are all mentioned, and two out of three are star characters and a recurring story topic. It may seem even more strange to say the stories in this issue really aren’t lurid, but really they aren’t. Not even the story where the guy’s wang wants to be an astronaut.

“Well, not lurid in a bad way.

“You probably just figured out whether or not Monkeybicycle is for you. I hope it is, because it has lots of good stories in it. The sort that are painful in a good way, with things that made me wince, that I couldn’t believe but of course believed and kept turning pages.”

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