Dead Sextons Playin’ Don Pedro This Friday

The band is stepping up our live shows in the next couple of months while bringing in a new drummer on the fly. Here’s the official announcement of Friday’s show at Don Pedro:
Ladies and leeches, friends and fiends,
You’ve had your heads in the sand far too long. Come join the Dead Sextons on Friday the 28th for the “end o’ summer fun party” at DON PEDRO’S on the south side of Williamsburg (90 MANHATTAN AVE at MCKIBBEN ST). Sometime after 9 we’ll bust out the old summer favorites, to remind you of the time you caught the wave and totally shredded. The swamp sounds of 2009 summer are comin’ to a close and the autumn of doom is close at hand.
See ya there, squares,
Dead Sextons

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