Smokelong Interview with Steven Seighman

I just discovered this great interview with Monkeybicycle editor Steven Seighman in Smokelong Quarterly. In the Q&A he talks about his past, his future aspirations, the current state of his journal as an imprint of Dzanc and writing in general, and he gives a plug at the end to the Forecast 42 project.  Check it out if you get a chance.

This was my favorite part, and I will probably post it on my wall for days when I’m feeling down: “I think what makes writing fresh and tasty to me is bravery. I like things that aren’t afraid to put it all out there and try something new. There are so many amazing writers coming up right now, and it’s very exciting to see the risks they’re taking. I believe this current generation that is publishing in places like Monkeybicycle and all the others is just an incredible breath of fresh air and I can’t wait to see them move up the ladder.”

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