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Monkeybicycle 6 is running away with solid reviews. This time, there’s one at inside their lineup of litmag reviews. I’m absolutely thrilled my story got mentioned. Greg Gerke says: “The issue hums along between realism and the surreal and the effect is that of a well-balanced meal.” And he describes my excerpt as a “memoir of the sometimes weighty, sometimes weightless days after college in the suburbs of Boston.”

I hadn’t thought of that balance in the issue before, but it’s a great observation. There are a lot of surreal stories, but also a few that are super-real. I just re-read Ryan Boudinot’s “The Miner” over the weekend, and that felt super-real to me up until the surreal part. I’m not going to give it away. But you could say the issue’s balance is even found in that one story.

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