More Reviews

Monkeybicycle’s got the total roundup of press reviews on its site. In addition to the reviews of Issue 6 I’ve mentioned already in this blog, we’ve got one from The Nervous Breakdown, a short write-up in the Philadelphia City Paper, and an as yet unfinished front-to-back series on Tim Jones-Yelvington’s blog.

I recently finished reading the whole of Issue 6, myself, and I think my favorites were Martha Clarkson’s opener, “Gum Gutter,” for the gorgeous final line that sort of twisted my guts all up, and Sarah Salway’s “Dictionary of Death Dreams,” for its dry humor and humanity. Matt Bell’s “The Girls of Channel 2112” also kept me pretty enraptured – I hardly ever get to read tales about Siamese twins engaged in Internet porn anymore. As a whole, though, the entire issue is very strong. There’s no BS anywhere in it, just pure, well-crafted stories and poetry. I’m ecstatic to be a part of it.

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