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The Vibrojets, Live at Pete’s Candy Store

Last night in Williamsburg, I went to see live music for the first time since March 2020. My friend Tommy Mattioli was in town from Wisconsin to play vibes. The band had about eight gigs scheduled for this week, but all but two were cancelled. Their next is at An Beal Bocht in the Bronx on 10/29. The Vibrojets at LIC Bar was the last show I saw before the pandemic hit, so I was glad to get back into it with them. Pete’s is a vaxx-only space, and the back door to the garden was open. The sound, I have to say, was excellent.

Saturday 11/10—FLESH at Muchmore’s

Next weekend the band’s playing at this new spot, Mr. Muchmore’s Multipurpose Room, in Williamsburg. The address is 2 Havemeyer. Our drummer Kymber had two feet of water in her place at the Rockaways last week, so if you come, buy her a drink. 10pm. Saturday, November 10! FLESH! Muchmore’s!