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“8 Reasons Your Submission Strategy Sucks (And What You Can Do About It)” in The Review Review

Thanks to Becky Tuch at The Review Review for this piece. I find myself relating to #1, especially. My literary resolution this year is definitely to submit more often:

1. You hold on to your writing too long.
In “Yes, Your Submission Phobia is Holding You Back,” Michelle Seaton says, “In 12 years of teaching at Grub Street, I’ve learned [some] truths about students: 1. They don’t submit enough, especially the most talented ones. Read that sentence again and then ask yourself how many times you’ve submitted something in the past year. Yeah, I thought so. 2. Many of my most talented students never submit anything. This makes me crazy.”

Wouldn’t it be nice if, in addition to all the amazing work editors do with reading submissions, contacting writers, designing issues, balancing budgets and so on, they also had x-ray vision and could see through the walls of your home and inside your desk and know at once all the great work that’s hidden there? And would then call you up and ask you to submit it? And would even put that submission into the mail for you?

But they don’t. They won’t. It’s up to you to get your work out of the desk (or your computer files, as it were) and into that Submittable database, or whatever other mode of transport required for an editor to see it.

Says Seaton, “We writers are expert liars. Here [is one lie] we tell ourselves. I will submit this story soon, when it feels finished. No you won’t. For most stories and essays there is no moment when it will feel good enough. Submit before you feel ready. Like, today.”

What is the worst that can happen?

Raymond Hammond on How to Fix the Current Poetry Paradigm

Anis Shivani interviews Raymond Hammond, editor of New York Quarterly, on what’s wrong with the current poetry landscape and how to remedy it, in The Review Review. The secrets: Read poetry from the classics to the present; and continue learning, always; be patient, and write to get better, not just to be published, he says. He’s not a fan of the MFA school of thought that says once you have one, you’re already established as a poet.

Writer Dad in the Virginia Quarterly Review

The Review Review just highlighted a new series from VQR, “Writer Dad.” Here’s the second installment with Ro Cuzon. And the first with Tobias Buckell.

I read both of these, and I could relate completely. I’m a writer dad, myself. Both these guys seem to say the same thing: You’ll find time. And kids add to your creativity.

Looking forward to the next one.

Writing After Having Kids

Good post today on The Review Review from writers who have kids. Several say time to write has become scarcer since having kids, forcing more disciplined writing periods. I’d say that’s pretty true, in my own experience. Finding time to write on the subway and in the very early morning have been my mainstays.