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America in the 1970s Series from The Atlantic

I’ve been enjoying this photo series from The Atlantic, “America in the 1970s.” I guess it’s sort of been reminding me of my very early childhood. Things seemed so much dirtier then for some reason. Maybe it was all the cigarette smoke and long hair.

Here are some samples from the one on Texas:

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Loneliness, Facebook and You

I was discussing loneliness last night with a friend, and how everyone seems to be lonely these days, especially those of us with young kids. Now here’s this article from Stephen Marche at The Atlantic. It doesn’t say that Facebook’s necessarily making us lonelier, but it seems to be a factor in a generally lonely time for humanity, or at least for those of us in the Western world. It mentions Jaron Lanier thinks FB’s taking away our humanity and our empathy, and he’s a smart dude.