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Some Unruly Sax-Playing

This comes from the most recent Twin Peaks soundtrack, and I think the trio came together as a one-off. I like the sax here from Alex Zhang Huntai of Dirty Beaches and Last Lizard. It goes off and come comes back to a percussive line, then goes off again. The studio effect on it is cool, too. The guitar sound (from David Lynch’s son Riley Lynch) is heavy, and Dean Hurley’s drums keep it all grounded.

Barry Gifford in VICE

I read Barry Gifford’s story, “Haircut,” today in VICE. You should, too. Having read some of his books, I think the boy in it is an older version of Roy, who appeared in Gifford’s novella Wyoming, which is fantastic. Most people probably know Gifford (if they know him) as writer of the novel¬†Wild at Heart¬†that David Lynch adapted into the film, and he was also co-writer of Lost Highway with Lynch.